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My Position

2016-02-07 07:21:31 by Firefreezer

Damn, totally forgot to make a post about it.

Dom and me finally finished a song which started about 4 years ago. You can read everything about how this
happened in the description of the 2 versions. Hope you enjoy! :)

Full version:

Instrumental version:

Carry On...

2015-05-11 17:40:58 by Firefreezer

...another new song. :)

There's not much to say. This one speaks for itself.
Hope you guys like it. It'd be nice to read some reviews!



New song coming up!

2015-05-03 13:40:23 by Firefreezer

There's a new 6 minute something that's gonna make it's way on ng very soon!

I'm sorry but with the last few's just that I can't always end them like I initially intended to. That's why I keep adding small parts until I have a good base for the ending I want and so they tend to get longer. I hope that's not too much of a problem! ;)

About the bass fix of Nightlife: The power supply of my old PC (on which I made the project) just got toasted a few days ago - more or less by my own stupidity - and therefore it's gonna take some time until I can correct the bass.



2015-03-30 19:11:57 by Firefreezer

Dayum! 6:24 min..that's quite some length!
I started this song last September, then I had this crappy job which completely prevented me from working on any song whatsoever.. Now I finally got back to it and man, I loved working on this. It was hard to find a fitting end for it - I even added an entire new part to it just so I could create a satisfying ending. Fading the volume is the cheap way out, not this time though! :)

Hope you guys enjoy my work, here's the link:


First song of '15

2015-02-25 20:03:13 by Firefreezer

So now that I quit my job I finally got to finish one of my songs.
It's called "Puzzled Memories" cause it's blurry and sharp at the same time and changing alot until it all crumbles down into one line of thought which then amplifies itself until the end...uhm...yea...pretty much. :D

Hope you guys enjoy it, here's a link:


My Job

2014-10-31 14:09:15 by Firefreezer

Just wanted to let you guys know that there won't be any new songs from me in the near future.
I'd love to create new music but my work is keeping me from doing so right now.

I've got a couple started projects, also ones that don't need much for completion and even a project with my awesome fellow Douma that is almost done but I guess those things have to wait.




~ TKay

Crazy Trip

2014-08-20 17:48:51 by Firefreezer

Enjoy my new song


Peace! =)



New Song On The Way

2014-08-13 06:58:48 by Firefreezer

I'll release a new song in a few days. Containing (almost) 6 minutes of electronic audio satisfaction.

$00N c:


2014-07-14 11:45:39 by Firefreezer



Just wanted to let you guys know that I made a Soundcloud account for melody-Ideas, old unfinished songs, HFWPO's (Having Fun With Pattern One) or just songs that weren't good enough for NG (in my opinion).

It's mostly gonna be loops and old stuff. :)


+ some more... I just uploaded 17 thingies to begin with..

Check it out!

Have a nice day y'all!

Your World

2014-04-11 15:21:26 by Firefreezer

My new full length song is out, check it out! =)

Icon artwork by 5urface:


Enjoy and have a great time guys!